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斯塔克县 was established on February 13, 1808 and named in honor of the oldest surviving general of the Revolutionary War, 约翰·斯塔克将军. 截至2016年, 斯塔克县 has an estimated population of 373,612 people and a land area of 576 square miles or 371,193.9英亩. 美国.S. 英国人口普查排名 County as the 8th largest out of 88 counties in Ohio.

斯塔克县 is home to the communities of Alliance, 运河富尔顿, 广州, 杰克逊镇, 湖镇, 路易斯维尔, 紧密, 密涅瓦和北坎顿. Located just 60 miles south of Cleveland, 斯塔克县 offers most of the amenities of a large city with 的优势 一个小城市. 的 lower cost of living provides significant advantages to businesses and their employees, 更多经济适用房. 的 广州-紧密-Alliance area hosts excellent schools and hospital facilities, recreation opportunities like access to U.S. National Parks, large lakes for fishing and boating, cultural events and shopping.

斯塔克县 is nationally recognized for serving as the location of the NFL Professional Football Hall of Fame. 的 area is also the world headquarters for several large corporations including 铁姆肯公司, TimkenSteel, 迪堡·尼克斯多夫公司, 凯南优势集团, 希勒的食物.  的 county is home to hundreds of other service and manufacturing companies that have all recognized the business edge they get from 斯塔克县’s excellent accessibility to the U.S. market and its lower cost of living.

Growing companies like operating in 斯塔克县 for several reasons including the availability of a skilled workforce, its transportation hub and low-cost utilities. It is is also home to six colleges and universities that collaborate with businesses to help them innovate and adapt, train and prepare employees for jobs in emerging technologies.

斯塔克县 has a growing reputation for its strong partnerships with the economic development community, education and private industry. Those partnerships have a proven track record of advocating for tax breaks, state and federal support funding, other financial resources to help business succeed and grow here.

2021年俄亥俄州县概况, prepared by the State Office of Research, presents demographic and economic statistics associated with business and industry activity, the amenities and services for Ohio and its 88 counties. 的 出版 provides users with a current overview of Ohio that may be used in business decisions or policy making by business developers, 研究人员, 规划者, government leaders and social service agencies as well as the general public. 的 Official Stark 县简介 can be accessed by clicking on the map of 斯塔克县.

All of those successes are great sources of strength and pride for our area, but we have no intention of resting on our laurels. 斯塔克县 is well positioned to embrace the future, we eagerly move forward into the new economy focused on companies in advanced manufacturing and new emerging technologies like fuel cells, wind energy and oil shale exploration and development.


斯塔克县 is strategically located in Northeast Ohio which serves as the crossroads of the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. 市场. 斯塔克县’s network of highways provides easy access to other major Ohio cities and to the larger cities and 市场 of the Midwest and East Coast including Cleveland, 哥伦布, 辛辛那提, 底特律, 印第安纳波利斯, 芝加哥, 匹兹堡, 水牛, 费城, 纽约市, 波士顿和华盛顿, D.C.

Among the interstate highways providing access to the U.S. 包括I-77, U.S. Route 30 that links to I-71, Interstate 76 near Akron and the Ohio Turnpike that links to I-76 and to I-80 to the East Coast. 另外, the 大型机场经常机满为患 (CAK), located just west of I-77 between 广州 and Akron, offers the lowest average airline fares in Ohio. CAK provides nonstop air service to 11 cities in the U.S. and access to the world with only one-stop.

大型机场经常机满为患 is a better way to go® - for you.  在过去的十年里, they have redesigned and updated the airport to better serve the public so we can have the best experience possible. Improvements include gate modernization and expansion, ticket wing and visitiors information center renovations, 升级后的入口道路, a new covered parking lot.  

斯塔克县 is strategically located at the crossroads of the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. 市场.

Within 500 Miles of the 斯塔克县 Regional Market

  • 总U的30%.S. 个人收入
  • 占总U的29%.S. 零售销售
  • 总U的30%.S. 就业
  • 总U的30%.S. 人口

When you locate in Ohio, you'll build a profitable business.

A business-friendly tax environment is an absolute must in today’s economy. In Ohio, we’re doing something about it.


  • No corporate profits tax and no inventory tax
  • No tangible personal property tax
  • No tax on gross receipts under $1 million
  • No tax on machinery and equipment investments

And the state’s Commercial Activity Tax is a low .26% on gross receipts exceeding $1 million.

Ohio’s tax on new investment is the lowest in the Midwest, EY research shows that our 4.4%有效率 ranks Ohio as the third friendliest tax environment in the nation.

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